Project: Make your "home production" and hobby profitable, No. CB006.1.31.015
This project is co-funded by European Union through the Interreg - IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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After the completion of the project in October 2017, sustainability is evident by activities from of all 25 participants, leading to advancement in the field of their activity and profession.

Women participating in the project "Make your hobby and home production profitable" according to the name of the Association in the past period synergistically carried out several activities.

Some of the activities were related to personal, professional development, participation in bodies and local self-government units, as well as participation in bazaars, self-employment, mutual cooperation, support, encouragement, extension of their hobby including own promotion and inter-institutional cooperation, as a result of upgraded skills from project activities.

In the area of personal and professional development, part of the women attended training on communication skills and lobbying.

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Two participants in the project took part in the preparation of the Annual Program for Equal Opportunities through participation in the Commission for Equal Opportunities and the Unit for Local Economic Development in the municipality.

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A participant with a hobby-decoupage technique continuously transfers her knowledge and skills to the younger generation through trainings and workshops, for which she has received the greatest prize of her Municipality. With her works, she and her students participate in many humanitarian exhibitions and bazaars.

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In the part of the inter-institutional cooperation, several participants took part in trainings, fairs and promotions in the direction of promoting their profession and mutual support as members of the group.

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The outcome of the project is visible in the personal and professional development of the majority of the participants. They are all in constant communication within the closed Face Book group where they could exchange their own experiences, recommendations for selling their products that are the result of their hobby.


Description of the project: Make your "home production" and hobby profitable

The main goal of the project is increaIn the part of the inter-institutional cooperation, several participants took part in trainings, fairs and promotions in the direction of promoting their profession and mutual support as members of the group.sing the competitiveness of regional businesses. Two groups of unemployed women who produce home made products and handicraft, will be formed, in Shtip and Gotse Delchev. They will be trained in basic of economics and basic IT knowledge, in order to be able to sell their products and make the hobby and home production profitable. Organization of workshop with local bussinissmen, bazaars in Shtip and Gotse Delchev, and participation with joint stand at fair in Skopje, will enable them to cooperate, make contacts and enable basis for future development of their home activities into micro or small firm.

The implementation of proposed project activities will result in increasing the competitiveness of the smallest "domestic businesses" and turning them into profitable source of income for unemployed women.This will enable their inclusion in social and society life, and thus increasing of the confidence and valuation of their labor. It will support the goal of equal participation of women in the labor market. Successful implementation of the planned activities, through basic business and IT trainings, will be the ground, possibility for further developing of these home businesses into micro and small firms, through active involvement on the market. This will, in any case, increase the number of women who will begin to earn incomes from their home activities.


Small Business Development and Women Entrepreneurship - a major goal of the Entrepreneurs' Association initiatives

Association of Entrepreneurs Gotse Delchev Region implemented a project Make your home production and hobby profitable in 2016 and 2017. The project included unemployed women with a hobby, which can be developed to small businesses. The realized project was created and thought only by women and aimed at very capable and creative ones with great potential for development. Basically, the project pointed the fact that women have a significant, positive contribution to the business world and that is why it has been aimed at helping these women gain advance in a certain hostile environment and create business under their rules. What is usually lacking for start-up women entrepreneurs is more confidence, courage to take risks, and above all faith in one's own abilities. The Association Entrepreneurs' project was focused on this.

During their participation, women had a real opportunity to cooperate, establish contacts and develop their home production and hobby in a small, profitable business by registering a company if they wish. A catalog database was created, a solid base of knowledge, skills and capacity was built.

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After the end of the project, the participating 25 women continued to receive support from us as a business NGO from Gotse Delchev region. They were invited and participated in other initiatives and events related to management and marketing training organized by the AEGDR seminars, presentations and round tables with business focus. They participated in a meeting with representatives of the Gotse Delchev Municipality for the elaboration of a strategy for reducing the poverty and social exclusion of unemployed women.

As a project partners we use every opportunity to influence local policies to improve the situation with the economy in the cross-border region, we strive to lobby locally for our position as a business-represented organization acting on behalf of many employers. We strive to influence both the authorities and the future entrepreneurs who are just starting their business and needing support.

Part of our permanent goals, such as NGOs, are to improve the communication of the network of business activities that can be used by local and national authorities when planning programs, strategies and projects.

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