Project: Make your "home production" and hobby profitable, No. CB006.1.31.015
This project is co-funded by European Union through the Interreg - IPA CBC Programme Bulgaria - The former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

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Project Title: Make your "home production" and hobby profitable

Lead Partner: Association for Humanitarian Activities "Sinergy" Shtip  Macedonia

Partners: Association for Enterpreneurs Gotce Delchev region, Bulgaria

Priority Axis: Competitiveness

Specific Objective: Improving the competitiveness of regional businesses

Duration (months): 12

Project Activities: Two groups of unemployed women who produce home made products and handicraft, will be formed, in Shtip and Gotce Delchev. They will be trained in basic of economics and basic IT knowledge, in order to be able to sell their products and make the hobby and home production profitable. Organization of workshop with local bussinissmen, bazaars in Shtip and Gotce Delchev, and participation with joint stand at fair in Skopje, will enable them to cooperate, make contacts and enable basis for future development of their home activities into micro or small firm.

Project Results: Unemployed women from cross border region will acquire basic economic and IT knowledge; will establish contacts for exchange of experience;make contacts with local businessmen dealing with the similar businesses;  promote and sell their products and earn incomes; develop their home activities and hoobbies in small, profitable businesses; it will also help in preservation of both national culture and tradition.

Target Groups: Unemployed women from cross border region with abilities for special home production and producing of handicraft; firms dealing with these kind of products can order handicrafts or products required by the market; customers with preferences for these kind of products will have choice to buy them.